A company of international importance

Plinoxotar is a major company in this sector domestically and internationally. Founded in Italy in 1964, initially dedicated to production of heating equipment and fuel storage tanks, it expanded its activities to other products, with focus on environmental and energy sectors. Design and manufacture of pressure equipment for storage and transportation of all types of gases. Manufactured according to commonly used European and International standards (ASME, AD2000, CODAP, Etc.), and certified according to EU Directives 2014/68/EU (PED) and 2010/35/EU (T-PED). These are safe and reliable quality products, manufactured by specialists in all phases of production. This means our company is a benchmark both in Italy and abroad.

Slowly it is oriented towards the sector of stainless steel tanks for the transport of food, dangerous goods and inks and in the sector of pressure equipment (LPG, methane and technical gases), consolidating itself as one of the largest producers of tanks and developing projects also on measure. We met with the president, Luigi Settimi, to find out more about this model company, not only from an economic point of view, and the quality and reliability of the products, but also from an ethical and social point of view.

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